Mr. Jacques Traversy, president
Mr. Jacques Traversy, president

Mr. Traversy worked more than 10 years in the funeral sector. In 2003, he establishes his own company: Inno-Memorial Design inc. located in Montreal. Messrs. Matthew Calabrese and Joseph Chami will later join him as partners. In 2006, M. Traversy becomes the sole owner transforming Inno-Memorial Design inc. into a family business.

With its creative ideas, its materials coming from the far reaches of the world, its needless pursuit of its customer's satisfaction, its high quality standards and its vast array of hand-crafted products this SMB has become the reference in the funeral domain. Always on the lookout for new developments in terms of technology and process, it maintains its leading position.

Based on traditional values and promoting a friendly working environment, this enterprise counts about 10 employees, all outstanding professionals. Tallying more than 200 clients, it distributes its products all over North America.

Whether you have small or big projects, whether you are looking for simplicity or originality, Inno-Memorial Design inc. will satisfy your needs!

At Inno-Memorial Design inc., we have the solution!